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Welcome to Marketers Kingdom

Marketers Kingdom is my personal journal, collection of resources, and my platform for me to connect with many of you. The goal is to share my strategies, the success, the failures and everything in between as it pertains to business lessons that I have learned as a full-time marketer doing business online. 

Who is Alex and what does he have to offer? 

I am a regular dude in my late 20s who had a fair share of ups and downs in the corporate world. Eventually, my interest in generating income streams for myself grew and as I began to familiarize myself with fascinating marketing techniques, I found myself hungry to learn even more!  

But before diving deeper into my journey, allow me to introduce myself personally. 

I am fortunate to say I was born and raised in the Bay Area. Growing up, my hobbies were playing basketball and honing my skills in strategic video games. I guess I never really grew out of my hobbies because I still do both during my spare time to this day. One thing that I have learned about myself over time was that a strength of mine is my ability to take in  a lot of seemingly senseless information and making sense of it. I became "process-oriented" and have developed a habit of figuring out how to create systems to streamline challenges that I face. This later turned out to become an apparent "super power" of mine to jump start the businesses I've created. 

 I graduated college with a Business degree and later began my career in finance. More specifically I became an investment banker. I spent countless hours figuring out how I can get my foot in the door, and eventually I did. 

So my online journey kind of began in 2012...

I was working as an investment banker in San Francisco, residing in the the North Beach neighborhood that was approximately a 15 minute walk to my job. ‚Äč

I really enjoyed my work and learned a ton for a while. But when the dust settled, I wanted something else. So every morning on my walk to work, I listened to the podcasts of entrepreneurs.  

I was hooked  to this idea that I can create a business that was designed around my passions and not the other way around.

It took some time but eventually I took action and it paid off. In 2014, I reached my goal of $100 a day from my blog efforts. I was ecstatic and jumping off the wall that I finally figured out a system that worked and was repeatable! And so far the growth of my blogs have been very positive! 

In 2017, I learned about Merch by Amazon and it's been a great journey taking this business from $0 to over $6k monthly in passive earnings in less than a year! The thing that I am proud of is actually  the fact that I am not a graphic designer, and I have less than 1 year of experience fumbling around in the crazy world of Print On Demand. Don't get me wrong, I made countless mistakes and this is far from an overnight success story. However, in the course of the years I stuck with this business through the ups and downs and now I am very pleased with how it is doing and the future growths prospects! 

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